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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Where is it made?

 It is made in China with high quality materials. We are family-owned and operated in the USA.

2. Is the carafe dishwasher safe to clean?

 This carafe and most other carafes are NOT dishwasher safe because silicone seals/gaskets will        deteriorate from excessive heat over time. The carafe will lose its heating and cooling features. 

3. Does it drip when pouring?

 No, it doesn’t drip when pouring. 

4. What is the small angled piece of metal packaged in the white box for?

 That is a table sign to indicate what beverage is inside the airpot. There should be some labels in the  main box, you can peel it off to stick on to the table sign.

5. Is this product commercial grade for a coffee shop?

 Yes this will be good for coffee shop and do supply to few coffee shops. 

6. Is the inner wall pure stainless steel or glass, or does it have some sort of liner or coating? 

 The inner wall is pure stainless steel. No liner or any sort of chemical coating. 


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